Seven Computer Efficiency Tips for Less Experienced Users

Learn this article to get computer efficiency Tips in case you are less experienced user. As a relatively new computer user, you might find yourself unhappy with how you are using the device. It takes longer to carry out certain tasks than you expect, or the computer is not responding to some of your commands.

Some people can afford to learn things at their own pace, but it does not apply to everyone. For others, it is necessary to master the computer as soon as possible because it is one of the work requirements.

Having a solid foundation is a good approach to overcome this issue. If you were to focus on learning some basic things about computer efficiency and build your experience from there, the process should not take as long.

Remote Usage

Let’s start with using a computer remotely. There may be a time when you are away and want to check something on your laptop. Or, one of your coworkers might ask for access to the computer.

Figuring out how to remote connect to mac or another laptop is not that hard. You will need a tool and a device, such as a smartphone or another computer, that you will be using to access the laptop.

Of course, it is also important to grant access to third-party access to a computer and secure the connection so that it does not get intercepted by an unwanted attack. Keep that in mind.

Keyboard Shortcuts

How well one uses keyboard shortcuts is one of the best ways to determine whether they are good at computer efficiency. Sure, the overall keyboard typing speed is also a good metric, but the more shortcuts someone knows, the more well-versed they are.

The problem for newbies is that if they were to look at the list of available keyboard shortcuts for computers, the sheer number would likely overwhelm them.

Having said that, it is still worthwhile to put your finger memory to use and learn some keyboard shortcuts. Focus on sequences you find the most useful and slowly improve your repertoire from there.

Available Software

It would be a waste not to use the available software. Whether you are on macOS, Windows, or another operating system, there should be plenty of different tools to make your work and overall computer experience better.

For instance, you might be working with emails and outreach, and managing emails manually is too hard. You can incorporate some automation tools to send or respond to emails. Doing so will help you manage email inboxes more efficiently.

Optimal Performance

As a rule of thumb, you will not have a good time on a computer that freezes, crashes, or takes a lot of time to launch and load applications.

Figure out what is causing these problems and determine whether you can solve them yourself. If there is not enough free space on the drive, you can delete redundant files and free it up. If there are too many background processes, quit them and If there is too much desktop clutter, remove shortcuts and documents on the computer’s desktop.

Malware and viruses also need attention. A computer needs antivirus software that can detect and delete threats.

More severe issues, such as beeping noises, overheating, a flickering screen, or error messages should be left to someone who knows what they are doing.


Other than mice and keyboards, computers have other great accessories that can come in handy and help you with efficiency.

Those who have a laptop should appreciate a cooling pad to counter the overheating issue. A laptop stand is also worth a shout.

For desktop computers, it might be difficult to create a comfortable setup without a monitor stand. A microphone and webcam could come in handy as well.

Then you have things like computer chairs. Instead of a cheap chair you have right now, purchase one that properly supports your back and makes the overall computer experience that much better.


In case you have a somewhat outdated computer with lackluster hardware, you could consider investing some money and getting an upgrade. For example, additional memory or a new GPU would make a significant difference.

Replacing hard drives with solid-state drives is also popular right now. SSDs may not have as much storage as HDDs (not yet, anyway), but they are far superior performance-wise.

Integrated Features

Keep an eye on some integrated features that could make a difference. Some computers and operating systems come with dictation features that let you record a text using your voice instead of typing a keyboard.

Another instance of an integrated feature could be digital signatures on macOS. You can create a signature via Preview and use it in PDF documents. A digital signature saves time when you do not have to sign every document yourself.

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