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error 3023 1

Fix SQL Server Error 3023: Shrink failed for LogFile “Log File Name”

Today, I got below Microsoft SQL Server error 3023 when I was trying to manually shrink a log file. The error details are given below: Shrink failed for LogFile ‘Logfile_Name”. Backup, file manipulation operations (such as ALTER DATABASE ADD FILE)...

SQL Server DBA interview Questions 3

SQL Server Backup & Recovery Interview Questions & Answers

This article is based on SQL Server backup & recovery interview questions and answers. You can access SQL Server Architecture based interview questions and General DBA related interview questions in attached links. Feel free to counter on any point that is...

Get preferred backup replica 0

Understanding Backup Preferences for AlwaysOn Availability Group Databases

We know SQL Server Backups are resource intensive operation that strain on I/O and CPU (with backup compression). AlwaysOn Availability Group has very good capability to offload SQL Server backups and read operations from primary replica to reduce such workloads...