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Find the list of articles, tips & tricks about SQL Server AlwaysOn. Read from basics to advanced configuration steps. You will get troubleshooting tips to fix the AlwaysOn issues in this section.

Get preferred backup replica 0

Understanding Backup Preferences for AlwaysOn Availability Group Databases

We know SQL Server Backups are resource intensive operation that strain on I/O and CPU (with backup compression). AlwaysOn Availability Group has very good capability to offload SQL Server backups and read operations from primary replica to reduce such workloads...

Error 976 0

Fix SQL Server Error 976: Cannot connect to Secondary Replica of AlwaysON Availability Group

Today an application user has reported that he is not able to connect to the secondary replica of AlwaysOn Availability Group configuration. The details about error Microsoft SQL Server 976 that he was getting is given below. Cannot connect to...

error 19471 3

Fix SQL Server Error 19471: Listener issue that came during Configuring SQL Server AlwaysOn Availability Group

I had an AOAG configuration between two replicas that i have deleted in order to perform some activities. I was configuring Always On Availability Group again on this database server. We followed all processes but Listener was failed to create...