How to Install Ubuntu Linux Server 16.04 on a Virtual Machine – Step by Step

Ubuntu is a complete Linux operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. Ubuntu gives us two flavour of installation. One is desktop version another one is Server version. Here i will explain step by step process to install Ubuntu 16.04 Server on your virtual machine.

If you want to learn how to install RedHat Linux 7.3 on a virtual machine, i would suggest you to visit the attached link for this.

Install Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

I have performed this installation on one of my virtual machine that are hosted on my computer. First you need to download correct Ubuntu Server ISO file to proceed with the installation.  You can follow the attached link to download it. If you want to create new virtual machine to install Ubuntu 16.04 server operating system you should read step by step process in attached document.

Once you have created your virtual machine with Ubuntu 16.04 DVD ISO image, installation media will automatically be detected and let you proceed with the installation. This is because we have already selected Ubuntu 16.04 ISO during virtual machine creation as shown in below image. Make sure you have downloaded correct Ubuntu setup files. We are installing Ubuntu Server image and not Desktop image in this article.
Mount ubuntu ISO

We can install Ubuntu server image 16.04 in two ways:

  • Automatic Installation
  • Manual Installation
Automatic Installation

This method of installation is very easy and user does not have to manually enter any value. Once installation will start post detecting the Ubuntu ISO image, it will proceed with the default values automatically till end. The user name and root password will be same which you have created during virtual machine creation. You will get below window to create username and password post selecting the Ubuntu ISO image which is showing in above screen.

create ubuntu username

Now let us proceed with the installation. A series of executions will start to proceed in below image with the Ubuntu installation once you finish creating a virtual machine. These series of execution will stop with the Ubuntu installation completion and give you login screen to connect to server.

Below are the series of screen which you will see during the installation. It will not ask you to enter aything in this mode of installation.

Ubuntu Installation

Once above window will be completed, below execution will start.

Ubuntu Installation

Once above window will complete, Ubuntu setup will detect disks and all other hardwares of the server.

Ubuntu Installation

Installation will start post processing above checks. We can see that in below image.

Ubuntu Installation

Ubuntu Installation

Once installation will be done, configuration part will start to process. Here also setup will not ask you to manually enter anything.

Ubuntu Installation

Below are the series of screens you will get during this installation.

Ubuntu Installation

Ubuntu Installation

Ubuntu Installation

Ubuntu 16.04 will be installed on your server once above screen will complete. Server will be rebooted after above execution and next you will get Ubuntu login screen to enter login and password to connect to the server.

Ubuntu Login Screen

Enter the login name and password which you entered during virtual machine creation, the one showing in image no 2 of this tip.

Ubuntu login

You can see we have successfully connected to Ubuntu Server. Now your Ubuntu server is ready to use.

Manual Installation

Another mode of installation is Manual installation in which setup will ask you to manually select every configuration. This installation is time consuming but you can configure Ubuntu server as per your need. Setup will give you an option to make changes for every possible parameters. You just need to deselect the automatic boot option from virtual machine settings during creation of virtual machine to go with this mode of installation.

I am not explaining this step by step method because Ubuntu has very good documentation with full screenshot on this type of installation. Follow the attached article if you want to install Ubuntu in manual mode.

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