How to Fix SQL Server Configuration Manager Issue: MMC could not create the snap-in

We had successfully installed SQL Server on this server but we have received error “MMC could not create the snap-in” during launching SQL Server Configuration Manager after a week. I did some google search to fix this issue but nothing had helped me. Here i will explain the solution of this error.

Error: MMC could not create the snap-in

I faced this issue during launching SQL Server configuration manager. The error details are given below.

MMC could not create the snap-in. The snap-in might not have been installed correctly.
Name: SQL Server Configuration Manager
CLSID: {F66AE3A2-97C7-4E45-9C70-4ECEA8B3BFA0}

mmc could not create snap-in

This error generally comes when few components are not properly installed on your machine or few of its binaries or dlls have been removed or corrupted on the server. When you launch the particular program it does not find that binary or dll which resulted into this error.


There are two solution of this error:

  • Repair your SQL Server Installation.
  • By Copying Missing or Corrupted binary file/DLL
Repair your SQL Server Installation

First and sure shot solution of this issue is to repair your SQL Server installation. If you are facing this issue on production server then you need proper planning before going to repair. Below are the points you should consider if you are going ahead with repair.

  1. Make sure to communicate this with all stakeholders as this activity will require downtime.
  2. Once you got the downtime window, make sure to Run Full Backup of all databases.
  3. Stop SQL Server Services.
  4. Make sure you have SQL Server Setup on the server to run repair task. If you don’t have copy it from your repository.
  5. Now rename your data folder to Data_old or something else. We will rename it to protect the actual database files. Data folder is the location where all your database files are placed. If you have kept your data and log files on separate drives, make sure to rename all data folders.
  6. Go ahead with Repair. Type appwiz.cpl in run command window. Once Add & Remove Program window will appear, click on your SQL Server program and then select Uninstall/Change. You will get below window to go ahead with Repair task. Click on Repair option to proceed. Make sure you should have SQL Server Full Setup for this repair task. if you don’t have setup on server, copy it from your repository to the server. Follow all steps that will come during repair window.

Repair SQL Server Installation

Once Repair will complete, rename the data folder which was created during repair to Data_new and rename back the older data_old folder which we did in step 5 to data to bring all your databases online. If you will face any issue during bringing databases online, make sure to attach it to bring them online.

Now launch SSMS and check your databases, all databases should online and working fine. Issue will fixed here and you will be able to launch SQL Server Configuration Manager. You can see, i am able to launch SQL Server Configuration Manager successfully in below screenshot.

SQL Server Configuration Manager

By Copying Missing DLLs

You can see there is a CLSID code given in the error page/window. A CLSID is a globally unique identifier that identifies a COM class object. Launch windows registry and search this code there. I copy this code and paste it in find window of Windows registry.

search registry

Once you will press enter, search will stop at the folder matching with this code. You can see this in below screenshot. The path of this code under CLSID folder is showing in below image.

check registry

Now click on subfolders of this code. You can see the required DLL in right side pane along with full path which is used for this program/CLSID.

Now copy this DLL path from right side pane and browse it on your server to find the given DLL. We can see this DLL is missing on the server in below image.


Now we will copy this DLL from another server which is running on same build version or from SQL Server Setup and paste it here on the above given path.

copy sqlmanager.dll

Now close the existing SQL Server Configuration Manager and relaunch it again. Your issue will be fixed and configuration manager will launch.

If you are still facing same issue, you need to launch the Microsoft Management Console and check the SQL Server Configuration Manager. Go to Run and type mmc and press enter to launch Microsoft Management Console. Here you need to launch Add or Remove snap-ins. You can check SQL Server Configuration Manager snap-in from available snap-ins from left side pane and add it to mmc console. Once done, click on ok button to proceed.

mmc consol

Now again launch the SQL Server Configuration Manager. It should work this time, if it is still not working you should follow first option to repair the SQL Server installation to fix this issue.

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