How to Protect Stored Procedure Code in SQL Server?

Have you ever thought how to protect stored procedure codes deployed on your SQL Server Instance? When deploying applications to a client’s server(s) or to a shared SQL Server, there is often a concern that other people might peek at your business logic. Since often the code in a stored procedure can be proprietary, it is understandable that we might want to protect our T-SQL work. Here, i will explain how to protect stored procedure from getting displayed its code in sp_helptext command.

We can use “WITH ENCRYPTION” option to protect our T-SQL code. Have a look at below SQL code that i have been used to protect my stored procedure.

SELECT 'SQL statements'

Now when you will try to run sp_helptext to see the code, below error will appear.

“The text for object ‘Manvendra’ is encrypted”.

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