How to Create Virtual Machine on your PC?

Are you struggling to setup a server lab for your requirement? We can create multiple systems running with different flavour of operating systems in our computer or laptop. You don’t need to buy additional systems for these configurations. Here we will discuss how to setup virtual machines on your local host to learn new technologies. We will use VMware workstation application to deploy multiple operating systems on local host that will look like a separate server/ operation system for your testings or learnings.

Install VMware Workstation

VMware workstation is the industry standard for running multiple operating systems as virtual machines on a single PC. Thousands of IT professionals, developers and businesses use Workstation Pro to be more agile, more productive and more secure.

First task is to install VMware workstation on your PC or laptop post downloading it from VMware website. Once you install VMware workstation on your system, you can see the vmware workstation shortcut icon on your desktop.

Create a Linux Virtual Machine

As we are creating a Linux machine so we should have the correct setup file of RedHat Linux. Copy RedHat Linux setup file to your machine and if you don’t have this setup file you can download it from RedHat Website. Make sure to download RHEL binary DVD ISO file. If you download some other file you might face issue during installation.

Now you have installed VMware workstation and downloaded Linux setup file successfully. Next step is to create a Linux virtual machine. Double click on the vmware workstation shortcut icon which is created on your desktop during installation to launch it. You will see below screen to proceed.
create Virtual machine

Now click on “Create a New Virtual Machine” option which is showing in right side pane of above screen. You will get a welcome window named “New Virtual Machine Wizard” to proceed. There are two configuration options on this page. Don’t make any change here and go with the default option which is “Typical”.

Welcome Wizard
Click on next button to proceed. Next window is for choosing your operating system for this Linux machine. Here we will select the Linux setup ISO file which we have downloaded in above step along with the full path. You should select your identified operating system setup file here if you want to install some other operating system. You can click on browse button to choose the correct path.

We have also an option to install operating system later post creating the virtual machine. If you want to install your OS later you can select 3rd option of this page. As we have downloaded the setup file of RHEL so we will choose and proceed with 2nd option. Once you select the setup file click on next button to proceed.

Next screen will come to configure the name of this new virtual machine and the location where you want to save or create this machine. Choose a name as per your convenience and browse the location where you want to create this machine on local system. Make sure you should have enough disk space where you are creating this virtual machine.

Once you configure the name and location of this virtual machine in above step, next step to specify the disk size. As i am creating it for my server lab so i will go with default value which is 20GB. Make sure to have that much space on your drive where you have created this virtual machine in above step.
disk configuration

Next window will be the final screen of this setup. Here you can verify the details which you are using to create the Linux virtual machine.

We can see there is only 1GB of memory allocated to this machine. If you want to change such configuration before creating the Linux virtual machine then click on “Customize Hardware…” to alter the changes. Change the value to allocated memory and CPU as per your need. You can also make changes of other configurational parameters. Click close once you are done with your changes.

Now you can see memory is showing the new value along with the CPU which i changed from 1 to 2. you can compare below screen with the one showing above. Now click on “Finish…” button to create your Linux virtual machine. Once you click on finish button, Linux virtual machine will be created and Linux installation will be proceeded. If you are not aware of Linux installation and want to learn step by step process to install Red Hat Linux on this server you must read attached link.

Now you can create multiple virtual machines running on your computer. Follow the same process if you want to create another servers. I hope you like this article. Please follow us on our facebook page and on Twitter handle to get latest updates.

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