vRealize Automation Interview Questions and Answers

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vRealize Automation Interview Questions

vRealize Automation Interview Questions

Question- What are the components of vRA appliance?

Answer- Below are the list of components of vRA appliance.

  1. ViDM
  2. Reverse Proxy
  3. VRA Services
  4. VRealize Orchestrator
  5. Postgres Database

Question- Explain difference between IaaS Web Service and IaaS Manager Service.

Answer- IaaS Web Servers are Microsoft Windows servers that host model manager services for vRealize Automation. They provide access to the MSSQL database associated with vRealize Automation for the rest of the vRealize Automation services.

The IaaS Manager Servers helps in providing the overall coordination of events within VRealize Automation.

Question- What are automation agents and what are they used for?

Answer- Automation agent is a proxy service to run workflows executed by the DEM Workers against virtual endpoints such as vSphere.  These agents can be installed on the IaaS Server, or they can be installed on a separate server.

Question- What are service catalogs?

Answer- Published blueprints are service catalogs. You can publish catalog items and add them to service categories. Catalogs can be of type IaaS Catalogs like provisioning VM/Storage or other infra resources or it can be XaaS such as password reset service picked up from the VRO workflows.

Question- What is the importance of business groups and how are these used?

Answer- You use business groups along with reservation which is percentage of compute resources reserved from the endpoint say CPU, RAM and data store from a VSphere Cluster.

Business groups are also used with entitlements because if a user is not part of a business group, you cannot entitle him to deploy a blueprint via service catalog.

Question- What is fabric and endpoints?

Answer- Infrastructure endpoints form the core of the fabric. From the fabric, you get resources. Endpoints examples are VSphere, Hyper-V/SCVMM, AWS Cloud endpoint, Vcloud director, Storage endpoints such as Netapp, IPAM endpoints for providing Ips etc.

Question- What is a cloud client and its use?

Answer- It is a CLI utility based on Java Runtime environment used to configure each single-tenant instance of VRealize Automation. It can be installed on any server specifically used for scripting work such as a server dedicated for power shell script. Cloud client uses certain commandlets that require specific roles in VRealize Automation, and for some commandlets specific credentials for successful execution. You can use with powershell and VRealize Automation APIs.

Cloud client is used for importing/exporting VRA blueprints. You can do the same things as you can do via GUI using cloud client.

Question- What is network profile?

Answer- Network profiles provide Virtual machines with information such as IP address, net mask, gateway, DNS, DNS suffix etc. You can associate network profile via reservation. Or while creating the blueprint on canvas, you can use it via network component.

Question- Does VRA use SSO of VSphere for single sign on?

Answer- No, VRA 7 and above architecture uses its own SSO and not of VSphere any more for single sign on.

Question- What are architectural differences between Simple embedded environment and enterprise distributed environment for VRA?

Answer- Refer link for Architecture for the details and understanding.


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vRealize Automation Interview Questions and Answers
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vRealize Automation Interview Questions and Answers
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