vRealize Automation Interview Questions and Answers – Part 2

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vRA Interview questions

vRA Interview Questions

Question – What is XaaS and how can you use it with VRO?

Answer – This is a very open-ended query. Generally, XaaS (Anything as a service) uses VRO workflows and you can create XaaS catalogs via using existing workflows in VRO (say adding Microsoft AD based user to a group etc.) via VRA GUI web portal. However, the tracking of such requests does not take place. In order to do that, you need to create custom resources and if required custom actions and then use it via XaaS in order such requested items to be listed and tacked in request items.

Question – How is VRealize Automation licensed?

Answer – VRA comes with VRealize Suite and with Vcloud Suite. There are other products as well with these suites. Please go through VMWare licensing whitepaper for more details.

Question – What are system wide and tenant roles?

Answer – This can be asked as this is related to access to the environment and to make it secure how you can use the roles to provide access. There are 2 system wide roles (System admin and Iaas admin). There are multiple tenant roles such as tenant admin, fabric administrator, infrastructure architect, software architect, application architect, BG manager, BG support user, approval administrator etc. Please view all the tenant roles and responsibilities for more details.

Question – How can you integrate different products with VRA?

Answer – The basic logic is you can integrate either via VRA or via VRO. For example, VCenter, Hyper V, NSX, IPAM tools, Storage can be integrated in this way.

Question – How do you integrate public cloud environment with VRA?

Answer – AWS can be integrated via VRA->infrastructure->Add endpoint page and Azure can be integrated with VRA->Administrator->VRO endpoint path. On top of that you must install AWS, Azure or related plugin in VRO separately to use via XaaS blueprints.

Question – What is the role of vRA guest agents? How do you use it in provisioning a VM?

Answer – We can use vRA guest agent to make the following customizations on deployed machines:

  • Change the IP address
  • Add or format drives
  • Run security scripts
  • Initialize another agent, for example Puppet or Chef

Follow link for getting in depth information. Further on this page there are links for Windows and Linux machines as well.

Question – What are software components in VRA? How can you use them?

Answer – Software components are basically components that you can create and then place on top of the parent blueprint. Software component can be a component for installing, configuring apache on a blueprint. Software components can also be like installing and configuring java, mongodB, IIS web server roles on windows BP etc. Logic is that in a composite blueprint first catalog for OS is deployed, then software component is deployed and then the VM request is termed as successful. In case there is a composite blueprint with say 3-4 software components are on top of it. Even if the one software component fails during the provision, entire request fails and the provisioned VM is deleted.

Question – What is the use of VRealize Business product? How do you use it with VRA?

Answer – VRB (vRealize Business) is used for pricing and charging of VMs, operational analysis, consumption, doing cost comparisons with public clouds, doing capacity planning, what if analysis for migrations as well.

You can integrate VRB with VRA and from VRA GUI, you can see the business management tab. VRB is a separate appliance that needs to be deployed before integrating with VRB.

Question – What are Custom resources and actions?

Answer – This is a wide topic and below links would be helpful to understand this concept. Creating XaaS Blueprints and resource actions. If you follow this you can further links for creating custom resources, custom actions, mapping custom resources to actionssome examples as well.

Question – What are the specific roles associated with VRealize Business Management?

Answer – There are 3 roles required for admin/BG manager to be able to use Business Management tab in VRA.

  1. Business Management Administrator
  2. Business Management Controller
  3. Business Management Read Only

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VRealize Automation Interview Questions and Answers - Part 2
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VRealize Automation Interview Questions and Answers - Part 2
Find the second part of vra interview questions and answers in this article. You can read first part of vra interview questions and answers in attached link given in this article. I will write more vRealize Automation interview questions and their answers in coming future.
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