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CCSK stands for Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge. The CCSK Certification is an individual certification that any person can take if they want to make their carrier in Cloud security.

What is CCSK?

The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) has established a web-based/online examination for cloud security skills for an individual’s competence in key cloud security controls, policies, compliance & issues. The Certification was launched in 2010 by CSA (Cloud Security Alliance), the CCSK is a widely recognized expertise benchmark for Cloud Security Professionals. It is widely approved catalog of security best practices, the “Security Guidance for Critical Areas of Focus in Cloud Computing V4.0”.

CCSK eases a common understanding of cloud security concepts. This surges the risk analytics of risk decisions that are made in your organization.

What are the benefits of CCSK?

The CCSK is envisioned to provide understanding of security issues and best practices over a broad range of cloud computing domains. The CCSK certification will identify you as an induvial who have knowledge about security issues, policies and compliance of Cloud Environment in all platform and domains.

The CCSK is strongly recommended for IT auditors, and it is even required for portions of the CSA Security, Trust & Assurance Registry (STAR) program.

The CCSK was recognized as the most valuable IT certification in terms of average salary by Certification Magazine.

How to Prepare for CCSK?

CCSK test will have 60 questions to be completed in 90 minutes with no pause. It’s an open book exam however that is a myth if you believe you can complete 80% of questions while searching in book. So better prepare for exam and don’t investigate materials on books while giving exam.

The Test participants will have 2 opportunity to appear for exam in case you cannot score 80% in first attempt, I would recommend you take online course/trainings with vast variety of sample questions which will help you to clear the certification in final attempt. Have a look at below courses that will help you with sample questions.

There are many formal Training course you can buy online before appearing for CSK certification which will make it easy for you to pass the examinations.

However, if you believe in self-learning all you need is to go read and deep understanding of 3 documents which are enough for clearing the exam of CCSK.

What all domain are covered under CCSK course?

I have given below list of topics that anybody can learn from the above attached links in order to take this certification. I will again emphasis all of you to go through the links attached for sample questions and tests in above section. You can find such sample papers here as well.

Have a look at the topics from each documents.

CSA Topics

  • Domain 1 Cloud Computing Concepts and Architectures
  • Domain 2: Governance and Enterprise Risk Management
  • Domain 3: Legal Issues, Contracts and Electronic Discovery
  • Domain 4: Compliance and Audit Management
  • Domain 5: Information Governance
  • Domain 6: Management Plane and Business Continuity
  • Domain 7: Infrastructure Security
  • Domain 8: Virtualization and Containers
  • Domain 9: Incident Response
  • Domain 10: Application Security
  • Domain 11: Data Security and Encryption
  • Domain 12: Identity, Entitlement, and Access Management
  • Domain 13: Security as a Service
  • Domain 14: Related Technologies

ENISA Topics

  • ENISA Cloud Computing: Benefits, Risks and Recommendations for
  • Information Security
  • Isolation failure
  • Economic Denial of Service
  • Licensing Risks
  • VM hopping
  • Five key legal issues common across all scenarios
  • Top security risks in ENISA research
  • OVF
  • Underlying vulnerability in Loss of Governance
  • User provisioning vulnerability
  • Risk concerns of a cloud provider being acquired
  • Security benefits of cloud

Cloud Security Alliance – Cloud Controls Matrix

  • CCM Domains
  • CCM Controls
  • Architectural Relevance
  • Delivery Model Applicability
  • Scope Applicability
  • Mapped Standards and Frameworks

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