Cloud Data Center Locations for Top 3 CSPs (AWS, Azure & Google)

Here we are going to discuss about top Cloud Data Center locations. Best Cloud Service Providers ensure to meet or exceed Tier 3 levels of security for their Data Center. Security layer of Clod Service Provider’s (CSP) Data center comprises of Physical Layer, Infrastructure Layer, data layer and Ecological environmental layer. The design and systems of data centers are to protect them from man-made and natural risks. Major cloud providers are certified for various regulations and industry requirements such as PCI, DSS, SOC1, SOC2, HIPAA, best practices/frameworks like CSA CCM, and global/regional regulations like the EU GDPR etc.

AWS Data Center Locations

The AWS Cloud Data Center locations are spread across the globe with 22 Regions and 69 AZ (Availability Zones), AWS has broadcast plans for 9 new Availability Zones and 3 additional Regions in Cape Town, Jakarta, and Milan.

Image :AWS Data center Location Map

AWS Regions

North America

  1. US East Region (Northern Virginia)
    EC2 Availability Zones: 6
    Launched 2006
  2. US East Region (Ohio)
    EC2 Availability Zones: 3
    Launched 2016
  3. US West Region (Oregon)
    EC2 Availability Zones: 4
    Launched 2011
  4. US West (Northern California)
    EC2 Availability Zones: 3*
    Launched 2009
  5. GovCloud (US-West)
    EC2 Availability Zones: 3
    Launched 2011
  6. GovCloud (US-East)
    EC2 Availability Zones: 3
    Launched 2018
  7. Canada (Central) Region**
    EC2 Availability Zones: 2
    Launched 2016

South America

  1. South America Region (São Paulo)
    EC2 Availability Zones: 3*
    Launched 2011

Europe /Middle east/Africa

  1. Europe Region (London)
    EC2 Availability Zones: 3
  2. Europe Region (Stockholm)
    EC2 Availability Zones: 3
  3. Europe Region (Frankfurt)
    EC2 Availability Zones: 3
  4. Europe Region (Paris)
    EC2 Availability Zones: 3
    Middle East Region(Bahrain)
    EC2 Availability Zones: 3

Asia Pacific

  1. Mainland China Region (Beijing)
    EC2 Availability Zones: 2
  2. Asia Pacific Region (Sydney)
    EC2 Availability Zones: 3
    Launched 2012
  3. Asia Pacific Region (Tokyo)
    EC2 Availability Zones: 4*
    Launched 2011
  4. Asia Pacific Region (Seoul)
    EC2 Availability Zones: 3
    Launched 2016
  5. Mainland China Region (Ningxia)
    EC2 Availability Zones: 3
  6. Asia Pacific Local Region1(Osaka)
    EC2 Availability Zones: 1
    Launched 2018
  7. Asia Pacific Region (Mumbai)
    EC2 Availability Zones: 3
    Launched 2016
  8. Asia Pacific Region (Hong Kong)
    EC2 Availability Zones: 3
    Launched 2019

Microsoft Azure Data Center Locations

Cloud data center locations of Microsoft Azure has further extended its reach by having maximum global regions than any other cloud provider in the world. The Azure Data center conserving data placement and contribution inclusive compliance and resiliency options for their client.

They have covered 54 regions across the globe

With 140 available Zones in 140 countries

Image :Azure DC Location Map

Azure Regions


Central USIowa
East US 2Virginia
East USVirginia
North Central USIllinois
South Central USTexas
West US 2Washington
West Central USWyoming
West USCalifornia
Canada CentralToronto
Canada EastQuebec City
Brazil SouthSao Paulo State


North EuropeIreland
West EuropeNetherlands
France CentralParis
France SouthMarseille
UK SouthLondon
UK WestCardiff
Germany CentralFrankfurt
Germany NortheastMagdeburg
Germany West CentralFrankfurt
Germany NorthBerlin
Switzerland NorthZurich
Switzerland WestGeneva
Azure Newly announced DC
Norway WestNorway
Norway EastNorway


East AsiaHong Kong SAR
Southeast AsiaSingapore
Australia CentralCanberra
Australia Central 2Canberra
Australia EastNew South Wales
Australia SoutheastVictoria
China EastShanghai
China NorthBeijing
China East 2Shanghai
China North 2Beijing
Central IndiaPune
South IndiaChennai
West IndiaMumbai
Japan EastTokyo, Saitama
Japan WestOsaka
Korea CentralSeoul

Middle East and Africa

South Africa NorthJohannesburg
South Africa WestCape Town
UAE CentralAbu Dhabi
UAE NorthDubai


US DoD CentralIowa
US DoD EastVirginia
US Gov ArizonaArizona
US Gov IowaIowa
US Gov TexasTexas
US Gov VirginiaVirginia
Newly Announced Region
US Sec WestUndisclosed
US Sec EastUndisclosed

Google Cloud Data Center Locations – GCP

The Google Cloud data center locations is spread across 61 Availability Zones with 134 Edge Location (Network) across 20 Regions. The Google cloud Data centers are available in 200 countries

Announced Google DC – Google Cloud is expanding its reach into new regions: Seoul (South Korea), Salt Lake City (USA), Las Vegas (USA) and Jakarta (Indonesia).

Image : Google Data Center Location Map

GCP Data Center Regions


  1. OREGON (us-west1)
  2. LOS ANGELES (us-west2)
  3. IOWA (us-central1)
  4. SOUTH CAROLINA (us-east1)
  5. N. VIRGINIA (us-east4)
  6. MONTRÉAL (northamerica-northeast1)
  7. SÃO PAULO (southamerica-east1)


  1. LONDON (europe-west2)
  2. BELGIUM (europe-west1)
  3. NETHERLANDS (europe-west4)
  4. ZURICH (europe-west6)
  5. FRANKFURT (europe-west3)
  6. FINLAND (europe-north1)


  1. MUMBAI (asia-south1)
  2. SINGAPORE (asia-southeast1)
  3. HONG KONG (asia-east2)
  4. TAIWAN (asia-east1)
  5. TOKYO (asia-northeast1)
  6. OSAKA (asia-northeast2)
  7. SYDNEY (australia-southeast1)


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