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If you have passion to write and share your knowledge then you are at right place. will provide you platform where you can share your knowledge to return back what you have earned to the community.

We are inviting you to become an Author at We will publish all your contents/articles and also recognize you at the end of the article as the author along with all your details. You will get great exposure to the huge audience through our website.

If you are ok with our given rules then you can write us using below form with subject “Become an Author” and submit it. We will get back to you with all details within 2-3 days. Most of the time we revert back within 24 hrs.

Below are the rules you must take care and keep in mind while writing the Articles.

  1. Our first rule is about plagiarism. We hate plagiarism. Do not post duplicate contents from other sites. If we found that you have used any content from other sources without proper permission, we will be forced to remove all your articles along with your profile from our website.
  2. You should not republish articles anywhere else which you have already posted on, not even on your own blog/site. You can publish it with proper citation and link of article  mentioned as source.
  3. Write fresh contents in your own way, which shows your expertise in your area of interest. Believe me readers will love your way if you write it down with passion.
  4. The length of article should be at least 300 words. You can cover anything which improves the knowledge of readers. You can write tips and tricks or an article based on any topic. You can write interview questions and their answers, any how to, what and why topics on any technical domain whether it is databases, Linux, Windows, Monitoring tools, Cyber security, gadgets etc.
  5. Use proper screenshots and images which is required to explain the article.  Minimum one image related to your subject is mandatory for your article.
  6. Maintain the flow of the article. Do not disconnect from the subject. This will help readers to engage them with your article.
  7. We do not pay any cost/fees for articles. We can recognize you as Author and give credits to all your hard work.

For any other questions, suggestions or feedbacks, feel free to write us. If you want to connect with us you can follow our Facebook page and Twitter handle to get latest updates.


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