Author: Soumya Rawal

How to Prepare for a Job Interview? 0

How to Prepare for a Job Interview?

My previous articles were based on how can we improve self-confidence and differentiate between confidence and arrogance. Learning from those topics are very important and can be implemented during interview sessions as we have to be confident rather than being...

Confidence vs Arrogance 0

How to Deal with Arrogant People at Work?

Last article, i wrote about 4 Areas you can focus to boost your Self Confidence. Here i will explain the difference between confidence and arrogance and how to deal with arrogant people at your workplace. Let’s start with describing the...

Improve Self Confidence 0

4 Areas You Can Focus to Improve Self-Confidence at Work

Self-confidence is the most important competency to deliver any work at your workplace. You work as front-end representative, as a boss or you are a point of contact for your clients, If you don’t have enough self-confidence then it will...