Author: Shatakshi Singh

Learn Cloud Computing 2

How to Learn Cloud Computing?

This article is very useful if you want to learn Cloud Computing. Here, I have explained all concerns that comes in a beginner’s mind along with required training courses.  Cloud Computing is growing faster than ever and creating lot of high...

cloud computing 0

What is Cloud Computing?

In today’s digital world, all our data is travelling every second from one place to other electronically. Most of the data in today’s scenarios resides in cloud, whether we talk about personal or commercial data, it’s sitting in cloud so...

Presales 7

Is Presales a Good Career Opportunity in IT?

Most of the industry folks think, every new deal/project won by any organization is result of their smart sales team. However, there are multiple teams who contribute behind the scene to bring in new projects/deals for your organization. Presales is...